Quite possibly the most eye-opening project I will ever work on. I have spent the better part of this past year helping Jenny Pruett woner of Juice ‘N Java bring her “I am a Freedom Fighter” campaign to life. Jenny had an idea to create a coffee blend that she would then give the proceeds to organizations who are on the front lines of human trafficking. What started off as just coffee has morphed into a line of merchandise and a full blown non-profit organization.

Kate and I have been working together since 2016. When I met Kate she had just started an online boutique from her home. Immediately I could see the areas where I could shed light on her vision of what she wanted her company to look like.

I first met Jenny in 2017 (ironically at Kate’s shop) while she was out walking her dog. Kate introduced me to her and told Jenny she “had to have me in her life and that I make everything better”. #truestory LOL!

I met Steph when I was helping Kate (from GG&R) and the ladies of MindFrameGear host a runway show at Infinity to celebrate their business anniversary. Steph was really interested in how to better reach her customers and expand her business. Steph is the kind of client that is full of ideas and really has the vision for her long term success.