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Rob McBurney, FMP, Consultant

Rob has over 40 years experience in operations, food service, restaurant management, small business start up and retail. Over the course of his career he has managed multi-million dollar food service accounts, ran large scale service industry operations, built and overseen multi million dollar green building projects and currently overseas food service operations in several hospitals.

Conservation, local sourcing and sustainability are near and dear to his heart. He strives to interject green processes whenever possible while continually striving to find and boost revenue sources for all of his clients and accounts.

  • 2014 Certified Food Management Professional - FMP

  • 2016 ServSafe Certification – National Restaurant Association

  • Green Energy Ohio Member

Contact Rob
Email: Rob@tealreef.com
(772) 321-1964

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Christy Masters, Business & Marketing Consultant

According to her clients, Christy is the bridge between ‘idea’ and ‘implementation’. She can take an idea and work with each client to make that idea become a reality. Her career includes working with non-profits, small businesses, physician offices, retail shops, large annual events and restaurants. She has the unique ability to listen and understand client needs so as to help them flourish and thrive.

She shares her father passion about creating and encouraging more sustainable business practices with her clients.

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Email: Christy@tealreef.com
(321) 474-9722

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Nicole Hensley, Graphic & Design

Design is the most critical element to your brand. Nicole has mastered the art of graphic design. Her unique style and eye for detail is hands down the best in the whole wide world… at least we think so.

Check out her portfolio!

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Email: hello@colehensley.com

Darin Back, Photo Director

Darin Back has been capturing life’s most real and awe-inspiring moments for more than fifteen years. He possesses the unique ability to see life as it unfolds and capture its truth. Some say his photos jump out at you, while others insist that they draw you in. Either way, when you see the world through Back’s eyes, you’ll be captivated by his ability to use the camera’s lens to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Perhaps what’s most impressive about Back is his uncanny talent that allows him to capture the essence of a scene, yet reveal endless possibilities in each photograph. He truly transcends his craft by letting the imagination run wild.

So, whether you’re looking for someone to capture the electricity of an event or craft an image that will grab your audience’s attention and lead you to stand out from the competition, there’s one thing you should know about Darin Back—his style is anything but automatic. 

Contact Darin
Email: darinback@yahoo.com
(763) 954-0280